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In 1499, Michaelangelo, considered by many as one of the most famous artists of the renascence, completed his great work of art, a sculpture with unimaginable finesse  – *’The Pieta’*  housed at St Peters in the Vatican City. History has it that his attention to detail is of remarkable depth. When you gaze upon the Rome Pieta, the story becomes totally believable.
The human mind has the ability to learn almost anything, but it only excels in the things it pays close attention to. When you go through a document over and over again, you’d probably spot out something new each time you go through. The developed countries we admire are a product of well organized ideologies, conceptions and constructions with utmost desire for perfection through paying attention to details.
When you pay attention to the details of any instruction, you simply avoid cheap mistakes, errors and blunders. When people speak, especially your subordinates, don’t just hear, listen and pay attention. Don’t allow your mind wander off to other things when you’re in a meeting. Always make make sure your mind is where your body is. Pay attention, reason deep, ask logical questions where necessary.
Charles Swindoll pointed out that “the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”
We will conclude with Jamsetji Tata’s, founder of the Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate company: “With honest and straightforward business principles, close and careful attention to details, and the ability to take advantage of favourable opportunities and circumstances, there is a scope for success.”
*David Adeniji*
*SOF Project Coordinator*
N*: That SOF OUTDOOR SESSION is not another seminar. It’s a gathering of minds that have been nourished immensely on SOF, are already planning to or already trying out the novel ideas and are ready to learn/share new strategies while at the same time take advantage of the complete exposé of our knowledgebase. It’s a practical solutions place. Don’t forget that there will also be one-on-one sessions. I will expect to see everyone there. The early bird slots are still available.
✅Date: Wed 21st Feb, 2018 | 11am
✅Venue: SmartX Business Hub, 16, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Behind Keystone Bank, Maryland, Lagos
✅Host: David Adeniji (Master School-Strategist & Business Coach)
✅Entry: N29,000 (Early Bird – N25,000 – First 50 Registrants)
✅Covers: Lunch, Full Course Materials, One-On-One Consultation with David Adeniji
✅Payment: Access Bank, 0033762968, David Adeniji
✅Contact: 08096719400, 08069462143
🎈There’s always a better way to doing business, Join the class of Masters. Your school needs fresh solutions.


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