Part 3 – HOW TO INCREASE SCHOOL FEES CONSIDERABLY WITHOUT LOOSING STUDENTS Part 3 – Value Raiser Projects For Prospective Parents in The Environment

Welcome once again to our masterclass. This masterclass was not actually meant to be shared on the platform. It was meant for the outdoor sessions. But I decided to give it all the same, because there were demands for it and considering the times we’re in. But even as we conclude it here tonight, there’s so much more we can’t possibly say here. Some school owners have even poked me ‘jokingly’ that my lectures are gradually filling up their phones memory. I really appreciate your presence here always. You will certainly get full materials at the outdoor session. Remember it holds 21st Feb, 2018


In part one, we agreed that school fees is a function of value, the value you command in the minds of your parents. Then in part two – last class, we looked extensively at value raiser projects for existing parents and I made some revelations that are worth re-echoing.


“`It amazes me that we would allow parents visit our schools over and over again and there’s no visible change. Nothing has changed. The gate remains blue, and double-leafed, the windows remain yellow and flower-taped, the reception desk remain marbled and L-shaped, the long corridor flowers remain entirely Cameroon Vicus, Your exercise books have worn the same designs for years, your set of toys have been arranged exactly the same way for so long, You’ve planned and executed your events – PTA, valedictory, Culture, Graduation Inter-house sports – exactly the same way for so long“`

Nature abhors stagnancy and change must be continuous. Matter of fact, value also answers to change, when there’s a constant change in the way you look, there’s also a constant expectation for a change in the value placed on you. When nothing changes visibly about you from the outside, no matter what you do on the inside, there is simply a reluctance towards any demand you make for more premium.


What matters is not how much you spend, it’s what you spend it on.

Let me give you a rare clue. Before the end of this term. Do a project that will benefit your children so immensely and the parents will not have to pay for it. Next term, do another one and the parents will not have to pay for it. Then come September, increase your fees and see if any parent will complain.

I then went ahead to suggest three of such that could be done three consecutive terms free of charge to parents before introducing that increase.

Please refer to that lecture if need be.



Value Raiser Projects For Prospective Parents in The Environment


The environment where we operate is home to more people than just our parents. All the parents we have now were once not our parents. They took the decision at one time or the other. The questions is have we met all the expectations they had or justified all the value they placed on us before they joined us? This will shock you. The answer is NO. We may have met some, but look generally, we have not met all of their expectations….but have they left us? No. Some may have left, but those who remain still value us to an extent. So if we keep raising our value in the minds of more non-parents and our names keep popping up in their homes any time they agitate for another school for their children, the likelihood of them opting for us gets higher and higher until when they sometimes finally make that decision. We’re however talking about school fees increase and not population growth. So how does this fit in?

The point is , there’s a constant interaction between your parents and their counterparts from other schools. When parents sing your school’s praises, non-parents are there. When non-parents admire your school quietly, your parents hear too and feel proud. When you’re convinced you’ve created this hype, then any increase will only be met with more acceptance than resistance.

You may be saying. Ah Mr David, if every school adopts these your strategies and juggle for the same children in the environment, then where will the difference come from. To that question, here’s my answer. Many are called, few are chosen. Many will get these invaluable free lectures. And they’d get so excited, but only few will take the next step and begin implementing. At the OUTDOOR SESSION, we’d learn more about implementing



Your unique selling proposition as a school is what distinguishes you from every other school. Now i know you’ve been taught a lot about this. But listen, what does it have to do with raising your value in the environment? Simple. Your USP is that special description they give your school when schools are being mentioned. Forget the semantics or the grammar, when your school is being described in the community especially by people who are not your parents, how is it being described?

Find out those phrases, that’s your USP. Many times it’s quite different from what you’ve inscribed on your wall in school or in your own books.

Do you know that school down the street,at the corner before the estate gate…that school where students use tablets

“`Students use tablets“` – That’s their USP

There is a school in Omole…they go on excursion every term

“`Termly excursions“` – That’s their USP

“I love XYZ school. They teach well, and again their fees are the cheapest in this area”

“`Cheapest fees“` – That’s their USP

Now, find out which is your own. The problem is, when you started your school, you did not deliberately decide what your USP should be so you could not be purposeful and persistent with it. So as you operated, it became defined anyway. See, whether you defined your USP and you stayed on it or the environment defined it for you, you need to get personal with it and know what it is and probably redefine it. It is then that you determine what projects to embark on that will further emboss that USP in people’s minds in the environment.



Now, don’t tell me that your USP is to give quality education. That’s not a USP, it’s every school’s primary obligation. If you cannot give quality education, then you shouldn’t be in business in the first place. It’s like a television saying it’s own USP is to show pictures. However, your USP could be: Producing sound students that can sit for external examinations (WAEC/NECO/JAMB…etc) without being assisted….GOOD ONE!. The point is you’re making is: it’s not impossible that many schools in your environment assist their students to make the good grades they parade. So when people describe your school it will be something like:

Don’t you know that school:

“`They have Zero tolerance for Exam Malpractices “`

Now, this may not make you have more children than others, but it certainly gives you more value than others. It’s a reputation you can major on to raise your fees and still get the buy in of new parents from the environment

So for this school that is already known environment-wide for having Zero-Tolerance for Exam Malpractice, to raise their value even higher in the environment, towards those external exams period, they may hold tutorials in school open to students and non students and let their teachers coach them vigorously for success without assistance in exams. It could simply be maths clinic or science clinic. This will further drive in their USP in the environment.



I know a school that has consistently prided itself in consistent participation and victories in competitions – debate, spelling bee, mathematics, dancing, chess, scrabble, etc. A closer study at their strategy, I realized that they don’t always wait to get invited to those competitions – They actually organize many of those events either all by themselves or in collaboration with partner friends schools with whom they share the same USP. They then invite other schools to participate. They however don’t always hold the event in their own school (of course they stage quite a number in their school) so it doesn’t look bias. They prepare rigorously for those competitions and so get to either win or Runner-Up those events. Hence they’ve created a USP for themselves:

“That school where there’s a competition almost every week and they always win something.”

You know the thing with competitions is that everyone can simply win something. Best performing, Largest squad, Best costumed, Most valuable player….etc. All because they participated more so because they’re one of the organizers.

For this kind of school with a known in the environment for always participating in, and winning competitions , they could organize occasionally, a mini league in the customary evening football place for young people in the environment. For security reasons, this could be held in the school….Now, these are just suggestions. But the real point is that the environment value raising project depends largely on what unique thing the school is known for – its USP.

Your own school may simply be known for social events – Dancing, parties, music, fashion, etc). You may pride yourself in your affiliation with several foreign institutions that ease your students transition from Nigerian education into foreign higher education. Your own USP may be in the distinct style of your Uniforms (trust me, it can) .

Just make sure you’re king in something. It could even be fees. Your fee is the lowest , or its the highest. Either way, it can be a Unique feature. And it can be majored on to increase your value amidst your type.

Now, the early bird slots will be filled, latest next week. Please register now. That event is not a seminar. It’s a gathering of minds that have been nourished immensely on SOF, are already planning to or already trying out thew salient ideas and are ready to learn/share strategies and at the same time take advantage of the complete expose of our knowledgebase. Don’t forget that there will also be one-on-one sessions. I will expect to see you there


✅Date: Wed 21st Feb, 2018 | 11am
✅Venue: SmartX Business Hub, 16, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Behind Keystone Bank, Maryland, Lagos
✅Host: David Adeniji (Master School-Strategist, Business Coach)
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